Based off this post. 

This kept my mind off the heat ^-^; 

The day isn’t over because I haven’t slept yet. Anywho, I still wanted to draw something in honor of July 23, my sister kuriotea and I’s birthday along with Sasuke Uchiha and the 75th anniversary of Batman comics.

Today is my Dad’s birthday so I drew him this.

Pigeons keep landing in his backyard and garden and they won’t leave. Ironically, he has the statue of St. Francis of Assisi, which is the saint of animals. 

Top pigeon is Chimichanga, the pug is Abby, and the three other pigeons are the newest edition that landed this month.

Design for the witch. 
I think I’ll work on her more, I do like the idea of her having one of those bird masks, but I’ll design it more. Maybe it’s colors….those stones though.

My character design for Jorinda. 

Heh heh, Jorindell doesn’t like his flower crown. 

(I swear those are their names, I didn’t chose this). 

Color studies for the environment of Jorinda & Jorindell, an assignment for one of my classes.
It feels good to paint again, some people jokingly said I shouldn’t be painting since I’m in the Digital Department. 

Sketch, watercolor/gouache, and inked. 
This is my design for Jorindel from Jorinda and Jorindel by the Brother’s Grimm. This is for my Drawing for Children’s Games and Film Class. 

Even if it was a quick one, I haven’t painted in such a long time, it feels really good to use brushes again!


Tootsie Roll  paper pony! 

This was fun to make, I miss making other paper ponies for people ^-^ 
He enjoyed it very much! 


White Cloud wanted to gift his friend Jymaru something since it was her birthday so he commissioned me a paper pony. 

Kranionet (or Kran) is an OC that belongs to Jymaru. I liked the background story, pretty cool. 

I had to re-upload my sketches since tumblr wouldn’t let me see the actual tags on my page. These were from August 21 2013 at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. 

In the second section, from top left to bottom right, Spotted Hyena, Serval, Black rhinoceros, Greater Kudu,and the Sitatunga.

From left to right we have the Great Condor, Secretary bird, the Andean Condor, Bald Eagle, and the sword-billed Hummingbird.

The third section we have from top left to bottom, Camptosaurus,   dead dinosaur, and dead dinosaur. Sorry I forgot what the names where, I just know the bottom is a Triceratops. Not sure what the exact species of it is…

The last section was from Mammal hall.